Personalized Concierge Medical Care for Your Entire Family

Concierge Medical Care, or Direct Pay Family Practice Doctors, are a powerful option for you and your family to get personalized care from your doctor, as often as you need to to get healthy and stay healthy! You get great medical care from our family practice doctors in Bakersfield for a low monthly membership fee. Cash discounts too. Members also get big discounts on medicines at local pharmacies, lab tests, imaging services such as CT scans and x-rays, and even discounts from our network of physician specialists in Bakersfield if you need to be referred to a specialist - just by being a Member of The Practice.

Are you trying to find a doctor in Bakersfield for your family? Here is a recent article on things to consider while looking for a doctor in Bakersfield. Direct Pay doctor offices, or Membership Medical Offices, offer families substantial savings on their annual medical costs. By using the best buying strategies a family can save thousands of dollars each year on their health insurance policies by using a Direct Pay, Cash Pay, or Membership Doctor's Office to lower and lock in their Primary Care costs for the year. Primary Care or Family Practice doctors provide about 80% of all of the medical needs for the average family each year. Why not "lock in" those costs and save year after year?

The Practice provides quality medical care near you in Bakersfield - and is a pre-paid membership medical office. They do not bill insurance companies, so their office expenses are much lower that other doctor offices, and they save you money. A membership is affordable, and there are discounts for cash pay patients in Bakersfield too.

At The Practice in Bakersfield, CA, you and your family can see your doctor when you need to, and get quality medical care at affordable prices.

Concierge Medical Care, also called "Direct Pay Medicine," is a powerful choice for you and your family.

Basic Planper month
Unlimited Access
Personalized Physician Care
Discounts for Labs and Imaging
Discounts for Local Specialists
Health and Nutrition Counseling
Gold Planper month
Unlimited Access
Personalized Physician Care
Patient Care Instruments FREE
Discounts for Labs and Imaging
Discounts for Local Specialists
Health and Nutrition Counseling
Counseling Discounts
Elite per month
Unlimited Access
Elite Physician Care
Patient Care Instruments FREE
Elite Pricing on these Lab services
Elite Pricing for Specialists
Elite Health and Nutrition Counseling
Counseling Included
"Life Longevity" Services

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Get healthy now! Join The Practice and work with your personal doctor to get health and stay healthy! Over the past 12 months 78% of our Members at The Practice has lost weight and feel more energy! Why not you? As a Member of The Practice, the doctors will often check your thyroid functioning, your hormone levels, vitamin D3 levels, and much more - just to optimize your health and energy.

Self-Employed Professionals love The Practice - fast appointments, short waits to see the doctor, lots of face-time with the doctor. Here is what one professional says about Dr. Jan Mensink MD and The Practice. The video is One Minute long:

Are you looking for a cash pay doctor near you in Bakersfield ? Please visit our page on the Benefits of Concierge Medicine, or Direct Primary Care doctors at The Practice in Bakersfield, with Dr. Jan Mensink, M.D. the senior physician by visiting :

Direct pay, or cash pay doctors are a great way for businesses to save money on health care costs. Learn more here.

Are you looking for a doctor in Bakersfield who could perhaps see you today ? Please visit our page on our Concierge Medicine physicians, or Direct Primary Care doctors at The Practice in Bakersfield here :

Are you looking for some ways to get healthy ? Please visit our library of Health Videos and Concierge Medicine News Items for members of The Practice in Bakersfield, CA :

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Why Hundreds Have Joined "The Practice"

Someone Who Loves Her Care at The Practice

People Love Their Personal Care...

I love this doctor and his staff. The place has an atmosphere of peace. The staff is compassionate and efficient. I was seen right at my appointment time. And the price is right!
Even with my pre-existing issues he was happy to take me on as a patient.

I would recommend Dr. Mensink and I already have. Every one of my questions was answered thoroughly. The doctor was friendly, and so was his staff.
R - Pastor

Dr. Mensink really cares about his patients. He talks to you directly, very factual. He listens and does whatever it takes to figure out the problem and the solution. His new office "The Practice" proves that he is trying to make it a better world. I would recommend him to anyone.


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