Personalized Concierge Medical Care for Your Entire Family

Going to doctors can cost you a lot of money. A lot of money for each office visit – no matter how brief that visit is. So we try not to go unless we Really have to, or we Really need to. But by waiting too long we can make the problem, and the bills a lot bigger. You know that some things do get better if we just ignore them, but most things get worse unless we do what is needed to fix the problem – or the illness.


But, imagine being a member at a doctor’s practice that gave you the benefits that once only wealthy people enjoyed. Imagine a “Concierge Medical Office” or “Membership Medical Practice” that you could join that would provide to you, and your family, with fast access to your doctor when you needed him, and where your doctor actually treated you with respect and care as if you were the center of his day. Yes, you and your family can have this – and you don’t have to be wealthy.

You might be Self-Employed, or even Un-Employed and in need of great health coverage. You might be truly wealthy or middle-class. Wherever you find yourself today, Concierge Medical Care is a powerful option for you and your family. You will get personalized care from your doctor, as often as you need to to get healthy and stay healthy! Also discounts on medicines, lab tests, imaging services such as CT scans and x-rays, and even huge discounts from our network of physician specialists in Bakersfield.

Basic Planper month
Unlimited Access
Personalized Physician Care
Discounts for Labs and Imaging
Discounts for Local Specialists
Health and Nutrition Counseling
Gold Planper month
Unlimited Access
Personalized Physician Care
Patient Care Instruments FREE
Discounts for Labs and Imaging
Discounts for Local Specialists
Health and Nutrition Counseling
Counseling Discounts
Elite per month
Unlimited Access
Elite Physician Care
Patient Care Instruments FREE
Elite Pricing on these Lab services
Elite Pricing for Specialists
Elite Health and Nutrition Counseling
Counseling Included
"Life Longevity" Services

free report on concierge medical care

Learn all about Pre-Paid or Concierge Medical Care from The Practice of Dr. Jan Mensink M.D. here in Bakersfield, CA. We have FREE report with all the details for you today!

Why Hundreds Have Joined "The Practice"

Someone Who Loves Her Care at The Practice

People Love Their Personal Care...

I love this doctor and his staff. The place has an atmosphere of peace. The staff is compassionate and efficient. I was seen right at my appointment time. And the price is right!
Even with my pre-existing issues he was happy to take me on as a patient.

I would recommend Dr. Mensink and I already have. Every one of my questions was answered thoroughly. The doctor was friendly, and so was his staff.
R - Pastor

Dr. Mensink really cares about his patients. He talks to you directly, very factual. He listens and does whatever it takes to figure out the problem and the solution. His new office "The Practice" proves that he is trying to make it a better world. I would recommend him to anyone.

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