Businesses are saving 30-50% on insurance costs


s a member of The Practice, 92% of your employees’ medical needs can be met for $119 per employee per month. The Practice is direct-pay primary care. For a monthly fee, members have unlimited access to our doctors with no deductibles. Not insurance, it’s a completely different way of doing healthcare.

The following services are included with your membership:

  • Emergencies: same-day or next-day appointments
  • Urgent care procedures performed in our office, including sutures,
    casts, wound cleaning, and more.
  • Common lab work done free on premises
  • Annual physicals and weight loss instruction 
  • Pain management

Other Benefits
Our members receive significant discounts on medicines at local pharmacies, on outside lab tests, and on imaging services such as CT scans and x-rays. If you need to be referred to a specialist, The Practice has negotiated discounted pricing with our network of physician specialists in Bakersfield.

Healthier Employees
The Practice focuses on health and nutrition; getting patients healthy and keeping them healthy. This translates in to lower absenteeism and higher productivity. When coupled with a high deductible insurance plan, companies can save 30-50% on healthcare costs while employees and their families get 92% of their healthcare for free!

Business Pricing Plans
The Practice gives employers an economical way to provide basic healthcare for employees and their families, improving employee loyalty and retention.

  • Special pricing is available for 25 employees or more.

Major Medical Insurance
Cover all your employees’ medical needs by offering direct primary care and and a high deductible insurance plan.

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