The Practice welcomes Sherry Rose, counselor and founder of Wellspring Personal Development as our new pastoral counselor. Sherry is a licensed minister with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Christian Counseling, and a Doctorate in Theology with a focus in Leadership. Her work at Wellspring has focused on helping men and women to overcome the pain of domestic violence, child abuse, grief, and trauma counseling.

With our friend Doug Cowan leaving The Practice to spend more time in Tehachapi, it created an opportunity to partner with an existing non-profit organization here in Bakersfield, and opened the door to Sherry Rose. “Sherry was my very first choice to replace me at The Practice. I know her both as a counselor and as a friend,” says Cowan. “She is the person that I trust the most to care for the members of The Practice that I care about.”

Sherry Rose founded Wellspring Personal Development to provide counseling and other resources to those in Bakersfield who otherwise could not afford them. As a pastoral counselor, she is very skilled at helping people through their pain, anxiety, or grief. Sherry is also an author, and a popular speaker at women’s conferences.