Optimize Your Health at The Practice

Here at The Practice, the Concierge Medical office of Dr. Jan Mensink, M.D., we emphasize getting all of our members healthy, and then optimizing their health for years to come! Are you looking for a Primary Care doctor near you in Bakersfield who can treat your entire family with quality medical care for a low monthly membership fee? We want all of our members to feel great, and be healthy. We use several strategies to optimize your health, and we want you to be familiar with each and every one.

We also optimize our member’s health by looking at Vitamin D3 levels, Iodine levels, and Thyroid funcioning. They are all three related, and when they are optimized in a person, that person feels younger, has more energy, and has the potential to lose weight and stay healthy. Some foods that can help raise your vitamin D levels are salmon and tuna, milk and eggs, mushrooms, tofu, ricotta cheese, and fortified orange juice.

Dr. Mensink is also very keen on optimizing our member’s hormone levels, which often change for the worse as we age. It would be worthwhile for all of our members, over the age of 35, to have their hormone levels checked with their annual physical at The Practice. Optimizing Testosterone in males, and Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone levels in females, can make an incredible difference in mood, energy, weight loss, and more. And speaking of your annual physical, have you had yours yet? Call the office at 871-3300 and see about setting that up soon.