Learn how to win your fight against diabetes with the help of our diabetes educator, Sherry Hale, R.N.

If you are a member of The Practice and have diabetes or pre-diabetes, then you can receive free diabetes education which includes:

  • A diabetes complications prevention assessment; we’ll pinpoint what you need going forward to keep you out of unforeseen complications while you are working on improving control over diabetes.
  • Dr. Mensink’s plan for his diabetes patients.
  • A custom diabetic assessment of your condition and progress.
  • Tailored goals to start on your path of improvement or elimination of the disease.

Our diabetes educator loves to delve into innovative ways to fight diabetes, and she will recommend reading materials that will help you enjoy the journey to better health!

So, call our office to make an appointment for diabetes education now or after your next A1C lab work. If you have already met with the educator, bring a few questions you would like answered to your next session.

Mrs. Hale’s challenge you: start thinking as a matter of habit about making healthy choices. Bring a caring family member, caregiver or significant other with you!  We can make it fun!

“Once you decide to do it, you are half way there!” 

Below are linkes to some useful resources to help you start thinking about and working toward your goals!

Sherry Hale, R.N.